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News About Area
Lodges and Brethren

For a detailed listing of degree work and special events of lodges in the Western Area of Illinois, follow the link below.

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Link to: Western Area Activities

News about YOUR lodge activities?

Contact Bro. Geoffrey Lasswell, Western Area Internet Coordinator with news about brethren and lodges in the area.

Farmington Lodge Wins Fourth Place in 
Area Lodge Officers' Competition at State Run Off

      Farmington Lodge No. 192  represented the Western Area in the finals at the Lodge Officers' Competition at Sullivan on Saturday, June 5. Farmington Lodge received fourth place in the competition, based on proficiency in opening the lodge "in form" and receiving the District Deputy Grand Master.
     Other finalists in the state competition were  Grove Lodge No.23, first place; Blue Mound Lodge No. 682, second place; Walnut Lodge No. 722, third place;  and Collinsville Lodge No. 712, fifth place.

Illinois Masonic Academic Bowl Winner

      From the 20th Western District,  Carlinville High School received third place in the state and received a prize of $950. This school was sponsored by Plainview Lodge #461.

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Sullivan Pilgrimage a Day to Remember

On June 6, the Sixth Western District group rented a bus and went to Sullivan for the day.   It was an enjoyable day, spent in fellowship with brother masons and their families.  Numerous Illinois Masonic organizations, as well as other groups, set up "boothes" for a carnival-type atmosphere, which delighted young and old.  Free food included popcorn, pop, cotton candy, cookies, hotdogs, etc...  Many also took a tour of the Masonic Home and the new condiminiums.  Two plays were presented: "December Rose", by the Valley of Danville; and the "Funeral of Billy Morton", by the Chicago Scottish Rite.  A magic show was performed for the young, as well as the young at heart.  Other attractions included: clowns, horse and cart rides, an antique car display, hot air balloon display, colorful "bounce houses" for the kids, the Shriner Jazz Band, bagpipe players and a barber shop quartet.

Our Most Worshipful Grand Master, J. Gerrie Burr, making the important announcements of the winners of the previous day's Lodge Officers' Proficiency Competition. .

All aboard for the train ride.
Most Worshipful Grand Master greeting  guests while the MWPGM, Ben Grisham, did his job by getting dunked in the water tank.  Later, Garrie took his place in the tank, as did many other "dignitaries". 
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This inflatable caterpillar was a great treat for the children....  as was the bounce room and slide.
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There goes that train again. Hundreds of people got a bowl of ice cream from the Gay 90's  Ice Cream Parlor.

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 Scheduling for Lodge Officers Schools 
will be posted when they become available

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Links to Lodges in
Western Area

566.gif (235 bytes)To list YOUR MASONIC LODGE HOME PAGE,
please contact Geoffrey Lasswell, Area Internet Coordinator
567.gif (954 bytes)St Paul's Lodge #500 
567.gif (954 bytes)Morning Star Lodge #734
567.gif (954 bytes)Lancaster Lodge #106

564.gif (227 bytes)6th Western District
564.gif (227 bytes)9th Western District

567.gif (954 bytes)Cuba Lodge #534
567.gif (954 bytes)Vermont Lodge #116
567.gif (954 bytes)Benjamin #297

564.gif (227 bytes)W. Central IL. G.L.Club

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Western Area
Deputy Grand Masters

G. Robert Turner
Area Deputy
Grand Master
820 South Maple 
Virginia, IL 62691
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Homer R. Herink
Asst. Area Deputy Grand Master
40 Winegar Dr.
Canton, IL 61520
      [H] 309-647-5988
F. Richard Carlson
Asst. Area Deputy Grand Master
15 Oakland Dr. 
Riverton, IL 62561 
    [H] 217-629-8166 
James F. Albsmeyer
Asst. Area Deputy Grand Master
RR 2, Box 411 
Payson, IL 62360
     [H] 217-656-3044
     [O] 217-656-3480 
District Deputy Grand Masters
1st W - Thomas N. Nipper
  409  130th St. 
  Seaton, IL 61476 
     [H] 309-586-6091
2nd W - Roger D. Aman
  604 Tremont 
  Kewanee, IL 61443 
     [H] 309-852-3774
3rd W -Gary M. Campbell
  325 W Washington 
  Blandinsville, IL 61420 
     [H] 309-652-3242
4th W - Lindy R. Zeigler
 7 Lakeview Dr.,PO Box 55 
  Bushnell, IL 61422 
     [H] 309-772-2429 
5th W - John W Miller
  1408 N Seminary St. 
  Galesburg, IL 61401 
     [H] 309-342-9530 
6th W - Michael C Hinds
  22127 East Texas Rd 
  Canton, IL 61520 
     [H] 309-649-1911 
7th W - Russell A Lawson
  850 N County Road 2500 
  Plymouth, IL 62367 
     [H] 217-743-6244 
8thW-Harold McMullen
  601 Compton Pkwy 
  Macomb, IL 61455 
     [H] 309-836-2630
9th W - Kent Drawve
  #6 Circle Drive. 
  Rushville, IL 62681 
     [H] 217-322-3443 
     [O] 217-322-4355 
10thW-H.Wayne Hoffman
  107 Sherman St 
  Delavan, IL 61734
     [H] 309-244-7434
     [O] 309-633-8750 
11th W -Allyn L. Conover
  R.R. 1, Box 112 
  Ursa, IL 62376 
     [H] 217-985-5411
12th W - Randy M. Zaerr
  RR 1 Box 48 
  Payson, IL 62360
     [H] 217-656-4386 
     [W] 217-228-6724 
14th W - Merle T. Fox
  129 Prospect 
  Jacksonville, IL 62650 
    [H] 217-245-9139 
    [W] 217-243-2717 
15th W-David E. Miller
  11902 Cass Road 
   Buffalo, IL 62515 
      [H] 217-364-5510 
      [W] 217-364-5518 
16th W - Al Laird
  RR 1 Box 215A 
  Griggsville, IL 62340 
    [H] 217-833-2154 
17th W - John M. Neece       114 S Hancock 
   White Hall, IL 62092
     [H] 217-374-2638 
18th W - Eugene E. Skaggs       1916 N 000E Rd 
   Pawnee, IL 62558 
     [H] 217-625-7271 
19th W - Paul M. Long
  608 Stryker Ave.
  Jerseville, IL 62052
20th W - James D. Wood
  8118 Moulton Rd 
  Bunker Hill, IL 62014 
     [H] 618-278-4215
    [W] 618-278-4215 
ilmason1.gif (2540 bytes) Western Area Internet Coordinator
Bro. Geoffrey Lasswell

Contact for input for and questions about this page