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News About Area
Lodges and Brethren

For a detailed listing of degree work and special events of lodges in the Western Area of Illinois, follow the link below.

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Link to: Western Area Activities

News about YOUR lodge activities?

Contact Bro. Geoffrey Lasswell,Western Area Internet Coordinator with news about brethren and lodges in the area.

Installation of Officers of 
Vermont Lodge # 116

Vermont Lodge install officers picture

The open Installation of Officers of the Vermont Lodge # 116 was held
on Decmenber 15, 1999 at the Masonic Hall, in Vermont ,IL.. 

Vermont  Lodge officers installed for the ensuing Masonic year:
Berry Beck, Worshipful Master; Geoffrey Lasswell, Senior Warden; Jim McGaughey, Junior Warden; Gale Parker, Treasurer; Harold McCurdy, Secretary: William "Bill" Cassidy, Chaplain; Charles Puckett, Senior Deacon; Dale, Junior Deacon; Everett Easley, Senior Steward; David Cassel, Junior Steward; Frederick B.  Haines, Marshal; William "Bill" Kelly.

Refreshments were served in the hall after the installation.  A special thanks to all for a memorable night.  Please visit our web site on the internet at:

Cass 23 blue lightnning picture

Blue Lightning at Cass Lodge #44, with seven new members.  Great job!

Rushville Blue lightnning picture

     Rushville Lodge # 9, Blue Lightning was an overwhelming success!  Twenty-six candidates were raised to the degree of Master Mason.  Congratulations to the new brothers and a very special THANK YOU goes out to everyone who helped with the degrees, prepared the lodge and cooked.  It was a job very well done.  Keep up the good work Rushville.


Western Area Internet Coordinator

Bro.  Geoffrey Lynn Lasswell


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